CFN Productions Launches

Centre for Newcomers is excited to announce the official launch of CFN Productions. CFN Productions, a subsidiary department of Centre for Newcomers, seeks to raise awareness, and create opportunities for community minded perspective, helping to empower achievement and potential. Our mission is to produce and distribute unique content while converging with the newly forming narrative of diversity of today’s modern world.

CFN Productions promotes global citizenry through the respect, awareness, and recognition of the multiplicity of perspective. Specificity over stereotypes, tolerance over dogmatism, and justice over bigotry - we are about the deconstruction of ethnocentrism, and its dangerous tendency to compartmentalise and diminish. There are many paths and not only one, and the values and beliefs of any single culture will never be universal. That said, when the colourful mosaic of our community is woven into a single cloth, it will always represent the singular notion of what being Canadian truly means. The reality is our hard drives are bombarded with massive uploads of over-simplified, dogmatic, information on a near daily basis. We are systematically programmed to believe what we believe and all too often, leave the act of discovery behind. Whether it be ethnicity or gender, age or sexual orientation, physical or mental disabilities, the deconstruction of the stereotypes that often accompany such labels is our ultimate goal.

In the end, CFN Productions, provides our diverse community with a platform to engage, create and explore and we hope that you join us on this journey of discovery. Every life is a story, with many chapters in each. Tell us yours.