CFN Joins 12 CSI

CFN very much believes the non-profit sector of Calgary is a family of caregivers, helping those who need it most, however and wherever we can. We each have our own story, our own passions and all of us here at CFN strive towards collaboration with our non-profit family. In the end we are all here to help those who need it most. The Centre for Newcomers recently joined the 12CSI (Community Safety Initiative) planning council and took a seat on its communication committee. The organization represents Crossroads, Malborough, Malborough Park, Applewood, Penbrooke, Forest Heights, Forest Lawn, Alberta Park / Radisson Heights, South View, Dover and Erin Woods and is a local crime prevention collaborative that fosters community action on the issue of crime prevention by providing support, facilitation and advocacy, thereby creating safer neighbourhoods for all who live, work and volunteer in the Twelve Communities. A truly collaborative approach that involves many local organizations and individuals, multi-faceted strategies incorporating Community Education, Community Engagement, Community Energy and Community Evaluation serve as the 12CSI engine. Above all else, 12CSI 's ultimate goal is to be sustainable and effective organization that will raise community expectations and standards of the residents in the twelve communities.

CFN is proud to join 12CSI in its mission and looks forward to contributing. As a part of our collaborative work with 12CSI and our newly formed CFN Productions, simply watch below for more information on the 12 Community Safety Initiative.