South Asians on Election Ballots in Record Numbers

Dozens of headlines around the world about the victory of Justin Trudeau's Liberals gushed over his "super hot" looks, but media in India celebrated something completely different — the record number of Indo-Canadians elected to Parliament.Justin Trudeau: 'I will be the prime minister of all Canadians'Election 2015: Courting the votes of new CanadiansCanada's 42nd election ushered in the highest number of candidates of South Asian descent in Calgary — 19 in total and 15 of them Liberals, including Darshan Kang in the Calgary Skyview riding. More than 42 candidates of all political stripes ran across the country.

Anila Lee Yuen, a community volunteer and political organizer, watched the election enthusiasm of the South Asian community and with her family.

An uncle had arrived in 1963. Her parents, who were born in India, both immigrated to Canada in the 1970s. They would get married and settle in Calgary.

Yuen says her mother was thrilled about Trudeau's win and if her father was alive, he would be too.
"They were over the moon; they're old-school Trudeau Liberals."

The enthusiasm about politics stem from a couple of factors, like the first wave of Indo-Canadian immigrants coming to Canada when Pierre Trudeau was prime minister from 1968 to 1979.
Issues motivated people

The divisiveness of the election over a number of issues sparked even more interest in the election, Yuen says. At the same time, there seemed to be new and renewed support for the Liberals and Trudeau.