Thursday, October 19, 2017

End of an Era as Sears Holds Job Fair @ CFN

On Friday November 3rd, from 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm, CFN will host a Sears Job Fair, as Sears South Centre is looking to hire up 50 temporary workers to assist with the closing process of its store. Positions available include shipping and receiving, merchandise flow, cashiers and customer service.

Sears was a profoundly Canadian store and a titan of the industry for decades. When this writer was just a kid, one of my fondest memories was when the new Sears catalogue would show up at the local post office every fall. Raised in a small farm town on the central plains of Alberta, there were no shopping centres or malls anywhere within hundreds of kilometres,  so the thick Sears catalogue that arrived each year was an mystical window into another world where all kinds of stuff beyond imagination was at my finger tips.

The arrival of the catalogue also signalled the slow but steady beginning of Christmas season, as hours would be spent going through the large toy section, marking off everything I wanted Santa to leave under the Christmas tree. It was a magical experience indeed and I always wondered just how many of the requests made would show up Christmas morning each year.

Sears Canada is will now close its final 74 full-line stores and eight Sears Home stores as it undergoes a full liquidation process. It’s the end of an era as a Canadian giant of merchandising shuts its many doors for the final time and passes into the annals of Canadian history.

To register for the upcoming job fair email 

CFN @ the Marda Loop Justice Film Festival

The Marda Loop Justice Film Festival presents some of the world’s best documentaries on the issues that are important to us as individuals, Canadians, global citizens, and humans. Influential documentaries from international filmmakers have been brought to more than 30,000 people in the Calgary area and across Canada, and thanks to our sponsors, we’ve done it free of charge.

Since its start in 2006,  the festival has grown 100%, from a three-day festival with two venues to a six-day festival in four venues. In addition to the annual festival,  justREEL, a year-round film series, has also become a part of the local arts landscape here in Calgary.

In 2016, the documentaries presented were chosen from a submission pool of more than 1000 filmmakers from over 100 countries. Every screening, whether it’s a festival presentation or part of justREEL, includes a discussion with the filmmaker or experts on the film’s topic; these conversations are lively, inclusive and enlightening, occasionally charged or even contentious, but always thought-provoking. CFN's very own Bukurie Mino will sit on the panel following the screening of Vincent De La Torre's Trails of Hope and Terror, to discuss the film about Latin Americans crossing into the U.S. and it's examination of why immigrants continue risking their lives to do so.  We look forward to being there.  For more information check out their website and to watch a preview of De La Torre's film simply click below.

Trails of Hope and Terror [Trailer] from Vincent De La Torre on Vimeo.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Time To Vote Calgary

Today is Calgary's municipal election day. No matter what your point of view, no matter which candidate you support, voting is an integral and important part of being Canadian. When it comes to those new to Calgary, the right to vote in Canada is pivotal for newcomers to become full participants in their adopted homeland. Being able to vote is an opportunity to express one's opinions and steer the political direction of the country - something foreign to many newcomers.

According to a national survey, the right to vote is definitely something new citizens cherish as a milestone in their immigration journey. The study done by Institute for Canadian Citizenship (ICC) examined political participation of new citizens who received their citizenship between May 2012 and November 2014. In 2014, Canada swore in more than 260,000 new citizens. As these people enter the body politic, by definition, they are also changing it. Some findings of the study can be seen below and bottom line - get out and vote today Calgary!
• 48 per cent of new citizens felt permanent residents should be allowed to vote in municipal elections;
• 23 per cent reported having emailed or called an elected official about an issue;
• 26 per cent had personally spoken with a candidate during their first election;
• 10 per cent had put a candidate sign on the front lawn;
• 5 per cent had donated money to a political party or candidate;
• 12 per cent had attended an all-candidates debate/meeting;
• 7 per cent had volunteered on a political campaign;
• 6 per cent had become a member of a political party;
• 46 per cent cited lack of knowledge of the issues and knowledge of the process as reasons not to vote;
• 6 per cent said they didn’t vote because of the lack of interest and dissatisfaction with the government or political system.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Flu Shot Time @ CFN

This year CFN is partnering with Pacific Place PHARMASAVE for the annual influenza immunization campaign. Starting October 23, 2017, staff and clients are invited to receive the vaccine at the pharmacy located in the Pacific Plaza Mall just few steps away from the Centre.
Immunization is a benefit provided at no charge for those with a valid Alberta Health Care card and there is no pre-registration.

Bottom line, getting immunized is one of the best ways to prevent influenza. If you have influenza, you can be sick for 5 to 10 days, but it can take weeks to fully recover. By protecting yourself, you help protect people around you who are at risk of complications from influenza. If more people are protected, less people will get sick from influenza. To download Alberta Health Services information sheet on immunization simply click here. 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

CFN Productions Talks to CBEA Grads

In collaboration with SAIT Polytechnic and funded through Alberta Human Services, CFNs Canadian Business Essentials for Accounting accepts experienced and internationally-educated professional accountants and provides them with Canadian workplace knowledge, skills, and abilities to assist them in their job search in Canada. The graduates also go on to a 2 and half month long work experience practicum with local businesses here in Calgary.  CFN Productions recently sat down with with recent grads Abraham Tumebo and Maria Kotlyarov who this week, along with all CBEA students, will begin their work placement.  To hear what they have to say about the program watch below.

CBEA Grads @ CFN from CFN Productions on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Hiring Fair @ CFN

On Friday CFN held yet another hiring fair, this time collaborating with Loblaws looking to take on board warehouse workers and order assemblers here in the Calgary Location. More than 100 people attended the 3 hour event, organized by CFNs Career Development wing.

Here at CFN the world we imagine for Calgary is a community that values diversity, in which people of all backgrounds find and create opportunities to fulfil dreams and participate fully as citizens. It is our hope that participating in a collective gathering with other job seekers, and multiple employers in the same room allowed those in attendance to discover several things one can use to improve their chances of landing a job. A big tip of the hat to all those here at CFN and the many volunteers who worked so hard to make this event happen . Best of luck in your search and keep your eyes open for more upcoming events here at the Centre For Newcomers! For more photos of the day CLICK HERE.

Classical & Indigenous Music Comes Alive @ CFN

CFN is proud to welcome The National Arts Centre (NAC) for two evenings in October. On October 24th (from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm) Samantha Whelen Kotas will be leading a workshop on community engagement for diverse artists, exploring methods and strategies for both teaching and sharing music and culture within the Calgary community. On October 25th (7:00 pm to 8:00 pm) Samantha will be joined by Walter MacDonald White Bear for an interactive musical performance right here at CFN.  Attendance is free of charge and both musicians and music lovers of all ages and cultural backgrounds are welcome to attend.

Walter MacDonald White Bear
Walter MacDonald White Bear is a Cree singer-songwriter, educator, and motivational speaker originally from the First Nation of Moose Factory, Ontario. Walter has been performing acoustic and flute music for many years. His music is a reflection of his personal journey as a First Nations person in Canada. Performance highlights include The Edmonton Folk Music Festival, The Chiefs Summit with Tom Jackson, The Dream Speakers Festival, The Mountain Song Native Theatre, and the World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education. Walter has shared his cultural knowledge with various audiences from correctional services to principals, teachers and students. He has been invited to give keynote speeches on a range of topics, including social services, justice, education, wellness and the environment.

Attendance is free of charge and both musicians and music lovers of all ages and cultural backgrounds are welcome to attend. To RSVP to this event CLICK HERE and we look forward to seeing you there!